An IP address is a unique number which identifies an Internet site or a server on the world-wide web, so in the event that you have a dedicated IP, it shall be used solely by your Internet sites and won't be shared with other individuals as it happens with shared website hosting accounts. In case you have your own server, you will have a dedicated IP, but you may require extra ones for different uses. Provided you have an Internet store, for instance, you shall need an SSL certificate for it, in order to make certain that the payment info that your customers submit will be encrypted and protected. The same is valid in case you have a login form of some kind and you would like the usernames and the passwords which visitors type in to be protected. The SSL certificate requires a dedicated IP address, which has to be different from the one that you already have on the web server. You may also need an independent IP for an application such as a VoIP server, or if you desire a slightly better functionality for a given Internet site, which may influence its position in search engine results.
Extra Dedicated IPs in VPS Servers
Our VPS servers come with one dedicated IP address by default. A second one is available also - in case they are ordered with a web hosting Control Panel. In case you need more IPs, however, you'll be able to include them with ease, whatever the plan which you have picked. You can do this during the signup process in the event that you need them from the start or using your billing account - in the event that you need them later. The dedicated IPs will be assigned to your hosting server soon after that and you could begin using them. You may renew the IPs along with the plan for so long as you intend to use them. This upgrade is very useful not just for your personal content, but also if you wish to use the virtual server to run a web hosting reseller business, because you will be able to offer a dedicated IP to every client who would want to use one. There's no restriction on how many addresses you can order or on how often you may do that.
Extra Dedicated IPs in Dedicated Servers
Each and every dedicated server we offer features 3 dedicated IP addresses provided at no extra cost on top of the monthly fee for the package. We also supply you with the opportunity to add more IPs to your server both when you sign up and at a later time through your billing CP, so you may order the IPs whenever you require them without a restriction on the number or on how frequently you get them. They can be purchased in groups of three and will be assigned to your hosting server immediately. You can renew them with the hosting plan and you'll be able to decide if you'll renew all of them, or a smaller amount - in case you no longer require the rest. Each dedicated IP address assigned to your hosting server may be used for any purpose: for a personal Internet site, for a software hosting server, or for a hosting customer - if you've decided to start your own Internet hosting company and you are reselling accounts to other people.