Whenever an application is executed on a hosting server, it is loaded into the physical memory. If you run a resource-demanding script, or if you simply add more scripts on your sites and you get a lot of visitors, you may encounter a case where your Virtual Private Server has insufficient memory to run all the apps and freezes as a result, which means your sites shall stop operating properly and that the website visitors shall start seeing error messages. To avoid such a scenario, you can take advantage of the RAM upgrade that we're offering and increase the amount of physical memory available without changing your entire plan. This way, you can pay only for the resources that you actually need instead of for additional disk space or higher Central processing unit speeds which you will not really use, for example. With the upgrade, you can ensure the flawless performance of your Internet sites, which also means a better experience for your website visitors.
Additional RAM in VPS Servers
Additional physical memory can be added to any one of the VPS servers we offer, including the top-end ones, therefore your websites will work flawlessly all of the time. The upgrade is offered both on the order page and inside the billing area, so you'll be able to add it anytime you need it: before your server is prepared - in case you know that your sites will require more memory, or after the server is up and running - in case you notice that the supplied memory is not sufficient for all the Internet sites to function correctly. In the second scenario, the amount of RAM which you order will be added to the present configuration with no action required on your end and without VPS shutdown or restart, so there will not be any downtime for your sites. The upgrade can be purchased in increments of 128 MB and you will be able to include as much memory as you require, since the physical machines offer enough resources to allow the virtual servers to be upgraded considerably.